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Looking for 2 toilet renovation package? If you’ll like to have a brand new look for your entire toilet including the wall tiles, we have the package for you. Doing the toilet wall tiles involve removing all fixtures and accessories in the bathroom before re-tiling. It takes about 5 or so working days per toilet, and new accessories have to be purchased. Overlaying of tiles is HDB approved and is a safe and cost effective package for a brand new look!

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2 Toilet Renovation Package.
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Toilets are one of the most used spaces in your home. Your morning starts here, and your evening ends here. Your self-care often takes place in this room. Your family and guests use it daily. As a result, the wear and tear your toilet undergo is huge. These rooms deserve top quality products and expert attention that carries your vision. We provide an affordable and high quality 2 toilet renovation package for HDB resale and bto flats that can be customized according to your needs. Please check out our other toilet renovation packages or contact us with more details for customized services.

What is included in the 2 toilet renovation package:


Professional Services

  • Design Consulation & Space Planing
  • Design Concepts and Proposal & Perspective Drawings
  • Materials and Colour Selection
  • Project Management & Site Supervision
  • Letter of warranty (2years) & after sales service

Demolition Works

  • Hacking of existing bathrooms Wall tiles
  • Hacking of existing  bathrooms Floor tiles

Masonry Works

  • Supply & lay 30x60cm ceramic wall tiles for 2 bathrooms
  • Supply & lay 30x30cm homogeneous / ceramic floor tiles for 2 bathrooms
  • Supply & lay waterproofing membrance for 2 bathrooms ( Approval by HDB )

Electrical Work

  • Reinstall Existing Light point & Heater point ( Common Toilet )
  • Reinstall Existing Light point & Heater Point ( Master Toilet )
  • General cleaning upon completion
  • Protection of flooring with corrugated cardboard for Haulage fee
  • Disposal of renovation debris

Plumbing Works

  • Replacement of standard s/steel piping (cold pipe only)
  • Supply labour to install 2 sets of sitting water closets
  • Supply labour to install 2 sets of wash basins
  • Supply labour to install 2 sets of instant heater
  • Supply labour for installation of bathroom’s accessories
  • Inlet & outlet pipe for Basin


  •  Supply & install 2 nos. of aluminium bi-fold door


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