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Looking for 3-room resale renovation package? Our comprehensive and affordable HDB renovation is the right package for you. Whether you need to renovate your flat for rental purposes or you want it for your use, you’ll end up getting a beautiful place where you can live or charge a higher amount at the time of rental, depending upon your goal.

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3-Room Resale Renovation Package.
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Purchased your perfect 3-room resale flat? Then the time has come for the all-important stage of home renovations! With 5-room flats, you’re working with three bedrooms, living and dining areas and more, which naturally cost more to renovate than smaller 2-room or 4-room resale units and BTOs. As such, a cohesive design strategy and vision goes a long way in bringing your home together.

If you are looking for a hassle-free and a one-stop seamless renovation experience, you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive 3-room resale renovation package takes the headache out of renovation work. Leave it to us — from professional design and space planning to masonry, carpentry, flooring, plumbing and more. See what our customer says.

Rest assured that we strive for top-notch workmanship and excellence in all that we do. Our interior designers are industry professionals with extensive experience in not only meeting design requirements, but going above and beyond in making your dream home a reality. We strive to understand your preferences and personality and create thoughtfully designed spaces that suit each individual’s lifestyle. Check out our other resale renovation packages in Singapore.

What is included in the 3-room resale renovation package:


Professional Design & Services

  • Interior design & Space planning
  • Design proposal & 3D Perspective drawing
  • Materials & Colour selection
  • Consultant & Project management
  • Site inspection/Work schedule


  • Supply labour & materials to lay floor tiles for kitchen
  • Supply labour & materials to lay full height wall tiles for kitchen
  • Supply labour & materials to construct 50mm kitchen cabinet base c/w tiles skirting
  • Supply labour & materials to lay water proofing membrane for kitchen and bathroom
  • Supply labour & materials to lay pre-packed materials for for kitchen and bathroom
  • Lay homogeneous floor & wall tiles for bathrooms

Hacking Works

  • Supply labour & equipment to hack and demolish existing kitchen cabinet
  • Hack existing floor & wall finishes for for kitchen and bathroom

Carpentry Works

  • Design, fabricate & install 20ft (L) kitchen cabinet in solid plywood & laminate finish
    – ABS trimming doors & handle
    – 10ft Quartz table top
    – 1 set stainless steel dish tray c/w hydraulic sand blasted glass door
  • Supply labour & equipment to install Anti slam hinges for kitchen cabinet doors & drawers only

Vinyl Flooring Works

  • Supply labour & material to lay 5mm European vinyl flooring for Living room, Master bedroom, Bedroom 1 & 2

Plumbing Works

  • Supply labour to install 1 kitchen sink & tap
  • Laying of concealed 2” drainage pipe for kitchen sink & washing machine
  • Supply labour & materials to lay new stainless steel water pipe for kitchen
  • Run new stainless steel cold water piping, 1 bathroom area
  • Supply labour to install 1 set storage heater & 2 sets of bathrooms accessories

Table Top Works

  • Supply labour & materials to install 10ft 20mm single profile Quartz table top

Miscellaneous Works

  • General washing for the whole house
  • To provide haulage of building materials
  • Clearing of debris off renovation site
  • Laying corrugated board for protection
  • Supply & paint the whole house internal wall using Nippon Vinilex 5000 Paint ( Max 4 Colour )

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